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This is an opportunity to provide a brief outline of the difficulties you or your child are experiencing, explain the help you are seeking and clarify whether booking an appointment for a pre-assessment consultation would be appropriate. We are happy to make recommendations for an alternative assessment if we do not feel that we are the most appropriate professionals to help.

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Confidentiality: Everything we speak about on the telephone or in person is confidential. Sometimes it is helpful to liaise with other people involved in your care and we will ask for your consent to share only agreed information in these circumstances. The exception to this confidentiality is if there is any risk of harm to you, your child, or anyone else. In these circumstances, we are obliged to act accordingly, which might involve contacting your GP, local services, or next of kin. Except in the most extreme case, we would discuss this with you first, and would not share information without your prior knowledge.

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